About Us

D & S Awards, LLC. was founded in 1991 by Dennis and Sherryl Wilkinson.

In February 1994 the business expanded into it’s current location on Piner Road with a 2000 square foot showroom and production facility.

Dennis, a lifetime diesel truck mechanic working in local shops and 12 Years traveling the world working in the Colorado oil fields, California Steam Geysers, Middle East and North Sea on ships that serviced offshore oil rigs as a mechanic. Sherryl, mother of three children has been a Dental Assistant and in 2004 started working in the store all but 1 day a week until 2014 when she retired from Dental Assisting and started full time at the store.

Dennis is a speaker with Awards and Recognition Association and has presented seminars on COREL DRAW, Glass Etching, Laser Engraving, Wine Bottle Etching in Las Vegas, New Jersey, Whistler-BC Canada, Atlantic City and San Francisco. Dennis has achieved the CRM (Certified Recognition Master) and Sherryl the CRS (Certified Recognition Specialist) designation for attending many hours of industry specific training. These designations require that you demonstrate a commitment to excellence and professionalism within the Awards industry. Recently our son Trevor (UCLA grad) started working with us to explore the opportunity to keep the family business ongoing. He has grown up working various tasks since he was about 9 years old and is no stranger to hard work.

In 2016 D & S Awards, LLC was accepted into the Award Associates of America. This is a huge honor for us and great opportunity to grow our business and give back some of our expertise in certain areas.